Abdul Rahman El Rayess

Abdul Rahman El Rayess

Experience:50+ years, Grand Master 10th Dan Black Belt, President of LFKS and WKU Asia

Abdul Rahman El Rayess

Martial Arts Grand Master


The Current President of the Lebanese Federation of Kickboxing Sports, and President of WKU Asia, started practicing Martial Arts with Karate & Kong Fu in the early 1969 with his Coach Jean Chakib ElKhoury.

  • Lebanese Champion in the years: 1971-2-3
  • Attained the Black Belt 3rd Dan from Malaysia after a seminar that lasted 3 month in the year 1974
  • Attained the Black Belt 4th Dan from Malaysia in 1984
  • Attained the Black Belt 5th Dan in Karate and Kickboxing in 1992
  • Attained the Black Belt 6th Dan in 1998
  • Attained the Black Belt 7th Dan in 2004
  • Attained the Black Belt 8th Dan in 2008
  • Attained the Black Belt 9th Dan in 2012
  • Attained the Black Belt 10th Dan in 2015
  • Came 3rd place in South East Asian Karate Championship (Kuala Lumpur) 1974
  • Came 3rd place in Rothmans International Championship (Kuala Lumpur) 1984, he as well came 2nd place in Full Contact in the same Championship
  • WPKA World Semi Contact Champion (Gold Medal) in Kiev Ukrain 2011
  • WPKA World Light Contact Silver Medal in Kiev Ukrain 2011
  • Established Karate Budokan of Lebanon Club in 1974
  • Elected President of Karate Budokan Committee in Lebanese Karate Federation from 1975 until year 2000
  • Founding member in the Lebanese Federation of Kickboxing – Savate at the time now called the Lebanese Federation of Kickboxing Sports (LFKS), was elected treasury in the 1st BOD in 1989; elected General Secretary in 1993 then elected President for the Federation since 27/10/96 until 07/02/2001, then re-elected President on 23/06/2002 till 15/01/2011. the re-elected President on 04/11/2012 till now
  • Established the Arab Federation of Kickboxing Sports (AFKS) ON 17/07/97 on the margin of the 8th Pan Arab games in Beirut in Beirut with the participation of Mr. Walid Kassas & Architecture Issam Salman
  • Elected President of AFKS since the foundation until end of year 2005
  • Categorized International referee in 1991 from Wako Organization, he became an A Class referee in 1999 from the following International Associations WKA, WPKA, IAKSA, ISKA & WKUِ In all Kickboxing styles (Full Contact, Light Contact, Semi Contact, Low Kicks Kickboxing, Thai boxing, Oriental and Forms)
  • Assigned Chairman of the Middle East by the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) from year 2000 till 2012
  • Assigned member of General BOD in World Pan Amateur Kickboxing (WPKA) since Feb 2003
  • Elected General Secretary in World Pan Amateur Kickboxing (WPKA) since May 2008
  • Elected Vice President in International Self Defense Organization (ISDO) since June 2010
  • Assigned WKA – ASIA Chairman from Aug. 2010 till Oct. 2012
  • Assigned WKU – ASIA President in Oct. 2012
  • Assigned WKU Ring Sports President in June 2013
  • Elected Vice President for International Rules Committee in the WKA in April 2003 and then President for the Committee since 2005 till 2008 when assigned member of Rules Committee till 2012
  • Elected as well President of International Referees Committee in the WPKA in Feb. 2006 till now
  • Elected member of the Organizing Committee in WPKA since Feb 2006
  • Elected as well president of International Referees Committee in ISDO since June 2010
  • Assigned member of WKU Rules Committee in Oct. 2012
  • Gave seminars for International referees in different countries like: Austria, Italy, Swiss, Germany, Spain, Greece, Russia, Moldova, Bulgaria, USA, Canada and Iran, also in some Arabic countries like: Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Lebanon
  • Chosen as Chief referees in the WKA World Championship in: Vienna – Austria 2001, Massa Carrara – Italy 2003, Basel – Swiss 2004, Niagara Fouls – Canada & America 2005, Spain 2006 and Chief referees for the ring sports in Germany – Karlsruhe 2007. Berlin – Germany (Ring Sports) 2008, Orlando – USA 2008, Huelva – Spain 2009, Edinburg – Scotland 2010. Karlsruhe Germany 2011, Orlando – USA 2012
  • Chosen as Chief referees in WPKA World Championship in Greece – Porto Carras 2006 & 2007. Limasol – Cyprus 2008, Madrid- Spain 2009, Alexandroupolis – Greece 2010, Kiev – Ukrain 2011. Thessaloniki – Greece 2012, Athens 2013, and Europe Championship in Spain – Cevillia 2006 and Russia – Anapa 2007. Spain 2008. Moldova – Chichinove 2009, Sofia – Bulgaria 2010
  • Chosen as Chief referees in ISKA European Championship in Augsburg – Germany 2006
  • Chosen as Supervisor in ISKA World championship in Alicante – Spain 2010
  • Chosen as Chief referees in WKU World Championship for the ring sports in Crete Island – Greece 2013


Fighting Strategy
Endurance Training
Stretching & Flexibility