About Us


From the sweat, blood and tears of Champions…Riot is here to conquer. Riot is an online representation of a unique Martial Arts, fitness and conditioning concept in the MENA region. Founded in 2016 in Beirut, Lebanon by Najah Saoud, Black Belt Kickboxer, coach, national LFKS referee, and  international WKU Referee, Riot has been on the role of highlighting and evolving Martial Arts talents.

With a varied amount of expertise Riot’s vision is to work with professional athletes and develop their skills. Aside from the professionals, Riot also works with amateurs leading them towards their goals by providing the necessary to achieve it.

Working with Professionals

Riot strives to connect and nurture professional fighters and practitioners in the Martial Arts World. The support is varied from: sponsorship, functional training, weight training and professional kickboxing workouts. Professionals will have the ability to attend seminars and training programs to enhance and push them to their utmost levels of training.

Working with Amateurs

One cannot deny that both sports: MMA and Kickboxing are in the rise.  Not only do the sports require technique and commitment; but also, discipline and continuous practice. With team RIOT, professionals will lead and nurture the talents in each individual. The process will fall under different pillars:

  • Functional Training Classes
  • Cardio Enhanced Exercises
  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Kickboxing Classes

Workshops & Seminars

RIOT strives to stay up to date with latest techniques and topics related to the combat-based sport. Workshops are to be provided to both professionals and amateurs by practitioners in the field. Leading on workshop planning will be our Grand Master Abdul Rahman El Rayess.

Supplements & Merchandise

At RIOT, one is able to make use of the right supplements tailor made for their workout conditions. These supplements will be accessible through Pronutrition.  Moreover, at RIOT, the community is an essential factor. Thus, these are illustrated through the merchandise offerings. For more information please contact us at info@riot-mena.com.

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We accommodate all ages (child to senior), all skill levels (beginner to advanced) and all fitness levels (out of shape to athletic) in a friendly atmosphere that cultivates a complete Martial Arts and fitness lifestyle.
We are proud of our nonjudgmental student attitude and the strong community spirit.
You will have a blast training with us!
Community 100%
Family 100%
Professional 100%
Fun 100%
Modesty 100%